Classes 18 & 19

Saturday, 1:00 pm (at the Children's Stage)

Register frogs at the Secretary's Office or Children's Stage by 12:45 pm. No pre-entry!

LARGEST FROG, Class 18 1st 2nd 3rd
Three Largest Frogs 7.00 5.00 3.00

Deliver frogs in a container, living and healthy, to the stage area on Saturday. Judged by weight.

FROG JUMPING CONTEST, Class 19 1st 2nd 3rd
Longest Distance Jumped 7.00 5.00 3.00

Each frog will be given three consecutive jumps. The frog's official distance will be determined by measuring in a straight line from the starting point to the end of the third jump. The longest distances will determine the winners. Event is Saturday at 1pm - Rain or Shine.

(1) Contest open to Boys & Girls ages 5-15.
(2) The frog must be in good physical condition and show no evidence of being caught* or kept** in an inhumane fashion.
(3) Entry form must be filled out before contest.

*Catching Your Frog: Frogs should be caught only with the hands or by net. They must not be caught on a hook or cruelly used. Any frog showing signs of injury will be released.

**Keeping Your Frog: There are four things to remember to keep your frog fit for the big day. (1) AIR holes in his container so he can breathe. (2) WATER in the bottom so he can keep wet. (3) FOOD, such as live insects to eat. (4) SHADE to keep him out of the heat of the sun.

Trophies donated by Anthony Mastergeorge.


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